The 7 oldest roads in the world - (2023)

Streets are the most important feature that make the city unique and contribute to its atmosphere. It allows us to go out and enjoy ourselves, which makes the city more enjoyable for us. Road infrastructure has developed rapidly over the years, but it still plays a key role in the functioning of cities.

The road was a great gamble in human history. The roads were built by workers willing to build what they knew was good. In the beginning, men worked with their bare hands and with pickaxes and shovels. They started digging in the ground and using their favorite tools to dig whatever was blocking their path.

It is one of the most important means of transport, both in industry and commerce, in our daily lives. This helps us to acquire necessary goods across the country. A road will be built so that those who live nearby can easily drive on it.

If you're interested in roads, check out this article for the seven oldest roads in the world.

7. Der Nakasendo-Highway

To alter:400 years

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It was one of the five main roads that theTokugawa-Shogunatbuilt during the Edo period (1600–1868) to be used as an official route to Edo. There are 69 post towns along the Nakasendo that serve as rest stops for passengers to rest from all the trekking. No doubt you would, because it would take weeks to go the entire route from Kyoto.

Parts of the Nakansendo have been converted into modern routes such as highways and railways as a result of the development of automobiles and trains. Despite this, some parts of the Nakasendo are still largely intact. Among the post towns ofTsumago e Magome, in the Kiso Valley, is the most famous of these parts.

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Along the way, you'll find a number of signs that point you in the right direction, as well as bear warnings. You may hear some bells ringing as you travel, as many places have bells you can ring to scare away potential bears.

6. A Rota da Seda

To alter:1400 years old
Longo:6437 km

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The Silk Road was a network of trade routes linking China, the Far East, the Middle East and Europe. The Silk Road routes were established when theHan Dynastyof China began in 130 BC. officially engaged in trade with the West.

They continued to operate until 1453 AD, when the Ottoman Empire ceased trade with China. During this period, the Han Dynasty, which ruled China from 206 BC. reigned, possibly officially establishing the Silk Road, facilitating trade between the Far East and Europe. up to 220 AD

Han Emperor Wu sentZhang Qianas imperial ambassador in 138 BC. to establish contact with the nations of Central Asia. The discoveries that Zhang Qian made during his travels gave the West crucial knowledge about people and areas.

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Today, historians refer to these paths as the "Silk Roads", more accurately conveying the concept that there were multiple routes.

5.Die alte Great North Roadt

To alter:About 2000 years

The 7 oldest roads in the world - (3)photo source:Wikimedia Commons

Construction of an inland road linking Sydney and the United StatesJägertal, a 165-mile (264 km) route, was laid out by the NSW Government in 1825. Up to 720 prisoners were used to erect boulders for the Great North Road, including buttresses, culverts, bridges and 30-foot retaining walls. In 1836 the road was completed.

Built by male inmates, it consists of a three-mile section called Finch's Line (the first route up the escarpment, abandoned in 1829) and an impressive 1.8-mile section called Devines Hill, begun in 1830.

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They formed part of the 250 kilometer Great North Road that linked Sydney with the Hunter Valley. Due to its remoteness and the introduction of steamship traffic, the entire strait was abandoned in 183.

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The Australian Convict Sites World Heritage Site consists of 11 sites, including the Old Great North Road. In 2010, the 11 sites were added to the World Heritage List.

4. Persian Royal Road

To alter:More than 2000 years
Longo:2,699 kilometers

The 7 oldest roads in the world - (4)photo

The oldest major road, the Persian Royal Road, ran 1,500 miles (2,414 km) from Susa, the ancient capital of Persia.Anatolia(present-day Turkey)Aegean Sea. The Indus Civilization built paved roads in some of their cities, although they were not as extensive as the main roads.

The main purpose of the king's road was to facilitate the emperor's communication with his distant subjects. Of course, this opened up the possibility of dominating what was then the largest geographic empire in the world. The King's Highway contributed to the establishment of the Persian Empire.

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Persian rulers had established the Persian Royal Road and used it regularly. It was originally used for mail, trade and military purposes; later the Roman Empire used it for the same purposes with the help of a vast network of roads.

3. Giza Street

To alter:About 4,600 years

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The oldest paved road in the world was 2.5 meters wide. It spans a distance of seven and a half miles and connectsThe Spring of Griefwith the southwestern part of Cairo. According to geologists, no other paved roads are known from ancient Egypt, with the exception of some construction ramps that connected to the pyramids.

The demand for building materials for pyramids and temples in the Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt led to the emergence of numerous quarries on the low cliffs near the Nile. Massive blocks of basalt were transported from one of these quarries along the road to Giza, where they were used in construction (mostly paving).

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The first known paved road in the world is at Giza.

2. Lake Moeris Quarry Road

To alter:More than 4,600 years

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This street was found inFayum-Tal, about 45 miles southwest of Cairo. Scientists also mentioned that a section of this route had already been discovered by previous geologists, but this discovery received little attention and was not followed up at the time.

Brown and his associates eventually found the site while conducting geological mapping of the area. He traveled almost 13 kilometers, carrying huge blocks of basalt from quarries 70 kilometers southwest of Cairo to a dock on the shore of Lake Moeris, then 20 meters above sea level.

These basalt blocks were used to build royal walkways and sarcophagi for funerary temples in areas close to Cairo. Nile flood water entered Lake Moeris through cracks in the hills between the lake and the river.

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He transported slabs of basalt from a quarry to a dock on the shore of the legendary Lake Moeris during Egypt's Old Kingdom era. The oldest road in the world that still retains a significant part of its original pavement is the Lake Moeris Quarry Road in the Faiyum district of Egypt.

1. The way to the summit

To alter:5000 years old

The 7 oldest roads in the world - (7)photo

the way to the summit, an ancient ridge or road, is the first street in Great Britain and the oldest street in the world. The Anglo-Saxons first used the term "ridgeway" to describe ancient paths following the steep ridges of mountains. Because they are unpaved, they only rely on solid ground to provide a safe surface for travel.

They offer a more direct route than the modern roads we use today, which are more commonly found in valleys on softer, flatter terrain.

While the Ridgeway might boil down to nothing more than a very long hike, there's so much more to it than that. The Chilterns to the east and the North Wessex Downs to the west are two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty that the Ridgeway passes through.

In contrast to the Downs, where there are more settlements, the Chilterns have less. This section of the Ridgeway has several charming villages. As it is the oldest street in the country, it has historical importance.

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It is commonly referred to as "Britain's oldest street".

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