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You completed the game without selling any items.


Simple trophy, but easy to miss. Don't sell anything until you finish the game. These include Consumables, Weapons, Gear, Style, Weapon Straps, Gear Patches, and Junk.

MakeNOtry to get itscrap dealerTrophy before unlocking this trophy as selling scrap will invalidate this trophy. After defeating the final boss, this trophy will be unlocked. truth to power South Park: The Stick of Truth - Trophy Guide and Roadmap (2)

You farted with four major authority figures.


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Use:Make sure you fart each one a few times, as the trophy has a bit of a problem registering who you farted on and who you didn't. So do it a few times with Dragonshout and Cup-A-Smell just to be safe.

There are four main authorities in the game, and you must fart on each of them once to get the trophy. These people are the following:

  1. victory principle
  2. Max Priest
  3. Mayor McDaniels
  4. Montrealer Minister

Principal Victoria can be found in the community center next to South Park Elementary School. The community center is unlocked when you start doing quests for the goth kids, you can't get in there right away. Priest Maxi and Mayor McDaniels can be found in City Hall. Maxi is sitting on a bench outside and McDaniels is sitting at a desk in City Hall.

Finally the Minister of Montreal. He's the only one who can get lost! You have one chance to fart before it's gone from the game forever. When you are in Canada, Terrance and Phillip will teach you the Nagasaki fart. This will allow you to break through the wall found in the dungeons. Break through this wall and fight dire bears, snake wolves blocking the minister. Once you've done that, just fart before you talk to him. If you talk to him, he will walk away and you won't be able to see him again. If you accidentally talk to him before farting on yourself, load Saved Checkpoint 1 before proceeding. This will take you back to the dungeon entrance.

[ame=]South Park: The Stick of Truth – Truth to Power Trophy / Achievement Guide – YouTube[/ame] Irritable colon South Park: The Stick of Truth - Trophy Guide and Roadmap (3)

You wet your pants during a boss fight.


There are many boss fights in the game, you will know it's a boss fight because the enemies have much more health than the usual enemies and they don't look that generic. To pee your pants, you just have to overeat (mana potions) during combat. At the top you will see a green bar where your HP, PP, etc. are. You must fill this bar by consuming too many mana potions. Shitting your pants drains all of your mana, so it's not a good thing. You can also get this when fighting Jimmy when he does the "Brown Note" move, don't block him. You will pee your pants and the trophy will unlock that way. This trophy can also be lost as once you defeat all the bosses you will not be able to fight anymore. However, it's pretty easy to jump into a new game.

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Farted on a dog while in gnome form.

You unlock the gnome form after completing the main quest with gnomes, about halfway through the game. This form allows you to reduce to a very small size. What you want to do is go to the Lost Forest after completing the game or before the Nazi zombies appear. If you have Nazi zombies in South Park, the dogs will not spawn in the forest. You must complete the main story missions for them to leave and for the dogs to return. All you have to do is fart on one of these wild dogs while in gnome form and the trophy will unlock. The easiest way to do this is to use Cup-A-Smell and wait for the dog to come towards you. If you try to use Dragonshout, they will likely start a fight with you or you will miss. This also works for knocked out dogs.

[ame=]South Park: The Stick of Truth – Dog Whistle Trophy / Guía de logros – YouTube[/ame] Wrath of the Dragon South Park: The Stick of Truth - Trophy Guide and Roadmap (5)

Knocked out 3 or more enemies with a single fart.


This is easily possible if you raid the school to find the Stick of Truth. This quest takes place after you befriend the Goth kids. What you want to do is move forward in the school until you see 3 enemies behind a big barrier. This barrier will have 2 fire bars. You want to light one of the fire stakes with Cup-A-Smell and then enter the opening next to it. Head upstairs and then you need to lure all 3 enemies right next to the barricade with a sneaky squeak.

Once all 3 are at the barricade, quickly switch to Cup-a-Smell and put out the second fire post. Hopefully this will take out 3 of them and reward you with the trophy. You don't have to go through the vent, it just makes it easier to see all 3. This trophy can also be overlooked as there are very few places in the game where this can be done. If you only remove 1 or 2, just reload the checkpoint to make them reappear.

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[ame=]South Park: The Stick of Truth – Dragon Wrath Trophy / Guía de logros – YouTube[/ame] just say hello South Park: The Stick of Truth - Trophy Guide and Roadmap (6)

You farted with all friends in the game.

To unlock this trophy you must fart all of your teammates. You can only have one companion at a time. You need to keep farting:

  • Butter
  • Princesa Kenny
  • Jimmy
  • Stan
  • Kyle
  • Cartman

The first time you earn this trophy is after the Forging Alliances quest. just pressSouth Park: The Stick of Truth - Trophy Guide and Roadmap (7)on the d-pad and change your party member from the "Party" menu. Switch to all 6 companions and fart them at the same time. Use Cup-A-Smell or Dragonshout. After you fart on the sixth partner, the trophy will unlock. mit re-but South Park: The Stick of Truth - Trophy Guide and Roadmap (8)

Interrupted 5 channel attacks with a fart.


Use:Make sure you use the Dragon Scream Fart, it only requires 40 mana so you no longer need to use mana potions. However, you should make sure you have plenty of mana potions with you.

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This trophy is hard to get for a number of reasons, the main one being that almost no enemies in the game use channel attacks and those that do are mostly immune to farts anyway. A channel attack is basically an attack that takes a turn or two to charge up. You can tell when an enemy is channeling when an aura of light surrounds them instead of the usual stance. However, there is a fairly easy way to get the trophy. The first you get from the Hallway Monitor boss, he performs a canal attack where he calls your parents and you have to stop him with a fart.

The second, which you can't do for quite a while, you have to wait until you start the main quest with the gnomes. If you want, you can easily farm 5 here and get the trophy. Once the gnomes wake you up, you must fight them. They are in mini form and only deal 1 damage to you regardless of what attack they use. You can't just attack them and wait for them to channel attack and then count it out with a dragon scream fart. Repeat until you have 5.

If you didn't get it in the previous area, there is one last place. During the final mission in Clyde's Fortress, you will fight Craig and his clones. His clones will eventually use a channel attack, so you can easily knock out your missing couple here. If you don't have 5 yet, you're out of luck, you'll have to reload a manual save or start a new game. Be sure to count how many you have when you get them, as there's no way to check this in-game. Heisenberg South Park: The Stick of Truth - Trophy Guide and Roadmap (9)

Defeated the Meth Tweekers while wearing Evil Cartman's goatee and bald head.


First of all, you want to find both the bald head and the accessory for the evil Cartman goatee. The bald head is found at the police station and the goatee is in a drawer in Cartman's house. When you are in the police station, you should go upstairs to the locker room to get the “Prison Cell Key”. Once you lower your head and go to the cells. Now you want to open Romper Stomper's cell with the key you just got. There is a bag in his cell and the bag contains the bald head. To get the knob, all you have to do is open the drawer right in front of you when you go through the front door in Cartman's house.

Now you just want to equip the two and then do the main quest for Tweek. He wants you to pick up the "delivery" at Kenny's. You will find the meth junkies here, all you have to do is defeat them while using both. The trophy will unlock shortly after the battle. This trophy cannot be lost as there is no way to repeat this mission or fight Meth Tweekers again. Fortunately, it's one of the first missions in the game.

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