How to Pick the Perfect Instagram Name in 2023 (Without Using an Instagram Name Generator) (2023)


November 19, 2020

How to Pick the Perfect Instagram Name in 2023 (Without Using an Instagram Name Generator) (1)

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What if you need to create an Instagram account with a meaningful name that sparkles and shines among other things and attracts followers at first sight? Or have you just realized that your real name isn't all that great, memorable, and doesn't represent your website well? And now you want to find out how to change your Instagram name?

How to Pick the Perfect Instagram Name in 2023 (Without Using an Instagram Name Generator) (2)

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It's time to choose the right Instagram account name

In 2023, it's crucial to pay close attention to your Instagram account name and have a professional approach. It's an important detail that can really work for your sales, and it's just as important as your visuals, ads, and captions.

How to Pick the Perfect Instagram Name in 2023 (Without Using an Instagram Name Generator) (3)

The last (but not least) thing to consider is that you need to find the right words to describe your idea and gain a following in just 30 characters. According to the technology you will find in this article, just do a simple search without using an Instagram name checker.

What changed in your Instagram account name in 2023?

Now, an Instagram account name works just like your website domain name. Instagram looks for users by name, not bio or posts, so defining them and making them great is a big thing.

Your IG name is a keyword

The first and most important thing about your IG name these days is that it's also a great sales tool. An additional tool that is found by your target group through search. Your account name is a keyword first. So let's clear up the key ideas for finding the perfect words for your Instagram account.

Two parts of an IG name

What we should mention first about its name is that it consists of two parts:

The first part is your main account name, your username. By this we mean the clickable name preceded by the @ sign. An Instagram username is limited to 30 characters and can only contain letters, numbers, periods and underscores. You may not use symbols or other punctuation marks as part of your username. This cannot be changed as it ensures your Instagram profile exists on it. This is your website address.

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And the second part of your Instagram name is on the line below your main name. This line describes what your page is about, or simply tells users your legal name or other unique, informative, and useful public information. It is also limited to 30 characters but can contain any Unicode letters, spaces and symbols. And you can make that part look amazing and unique with a special custom font.

How to Pick the Perfect Instagram Name in 2023 (Without Using an Instagram Name Generator) (5)

Customize your IG name

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Apply stylish font to your IG name to make it outstanding


Finding your name on Instagram

Both the username and the name are searchable, but the second one works even better for your account than the first one. This is because it can contain symbols and spaces and be in any language, while the username can only be written in Latin symbols. Here we are going to talk about the first clickable and main name of your Instagram account – the IG username.

The strategy for choosing the greatest Instagram account name in 2023 consists of two main steps

  • Deep analysis of your account idea.The first step is to analyze your idea well and find the ideal words to describe it so that users will search for it, creating the main idea of ​​the Instagram name.
  • competitor research.And the second part is researching your competition to find the best naming ideas and concepts in your industry. Find the most popular and successful names on Instagram that work better for their owners than others.

Deep analysis of your account idea

The question you need to ask yourself is: HOW WILL PEOPLE SEE YOUR INSTAGRAM PAGE?

#1 Clarify the idea

You need to be clear about what you are building on the social media platform. Is it your own personal page? Is it a website for your business? Or is it a general Instagram page that focuses on a specific niche?

#2 Make a keyword list for your IG name

Make a list of valuable keywords for your idea.

How to Pick the Perfect Instagram Name in 2023 (Without Using an Instagram Name Generator) (6)

So let your Instagram name pass all tests. Be an Instagram name maker! Make a complete and comprehensive list of words that describe your idea well. It can be any words, from nouns to pronouns.

#3 Fix your Instagram name mistakes

First, you need to check the availability of the Instagram name. Then check your keyword list for the following 5 criteria. Here are some things to look out for when choosing a cool Instagram name for your account:


Choose a name that is easy to read or pronounce. Some names are really easy to read, no matter if they are long and made up of many words, like:



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Try to come up with a name that is readable at a glance.

How to Pick the Perfect Instagram Name in 2023 (Without Using an Instagram Name Generator) (7)


You cannot take a name that is already in use. It's best to avoid too obvious similarities to other brands. You run the risk of being overshadowed by a big brand forever.


The best idea is not to use any symbols in your account name. But that doesn't seem realistic. So if you must use a dot or underscore, try to limit it to one. Also remember that Google treats "example1.example2" as two separate words, making your page harder to find. Instagram font name is below the line of your main page.

Principal:It's trendy to share your simple name with a dot, like: @ani.maar

How to Pick the Perfect Instagram Name in 2023 (Without Using an Instagram Name Generator) (8)


This relates to gender, ethnicity and religion. Unless this is your specific niche, keep them out of your name!


Think of your Instagram username as something global. Consider naming your site after him if you can. How will your professional email look with that name? Typically, emails from have a much higher open rate because people know exactly who they are reaching when they send an email.

Once you've checked your name against all 5 of these criteria, your list will get much smaller. It's time to look at the best examples on the web. Get inspired and learn from your competitors.

Researching competitors' Instagram usernames

It is much better to use a special profile username analysis tool. Everyone knows some of your closest competitors, but it's not cool to adopt and copy their name ideas. Best to find your unique idea based on extensive industry research.

How to Pick the Perfect Instagram Name in 2023 (Without Using an Instagram Name Generator) (9)

And analyzing direct competitors isn't as helpful as doing extensive research to choose a great Instagram name for your account. For this, it is very difficult and almost useless to use the simple Instagram search available in the app. That's because basic search focuses on your location and gives you the accounts closest to where you are. use aInstagram advanced searchfor your competitor analysis to find out if their main Instagram idea is considered popular. To search your Instagram username, you must go to inflact.comInstagram advanced search.

How to Pick the Perfect Instagram Name in 2023 (Without Using an Instagram Name Generator) (10)

Instagram name search

Use Instagram's advanced search to find all possible similar names on Instagram.

search username

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I advise you not to put keywords that are too close and exact for your industry. Use more common words with a broader meaning to make searching for the item you are selling or promoting in your account more complete and comprehensive.

Choose the profile category you want to search. I advise you to try to search for profiles in different categories. Sometimes it's even better to use the idea or concept for the IG name from another category. For example, if you sell jewelry, you can search for names of services or bloggers in the jewelry industry to find inspiration for your name on Instagram and identify a winning concept. After that, you can select the following for the account. Don't forget to use Instagram's brilliant advanced search feature - the ability to select the gender of the account you're looking for.

How to Pick the Perfect Instagram Name in 2023 (Without Using an Instagram Name Generator) (11)

So, after taking a few screenshots for different keywords and a few screenshots of accounts in different categories close to your business idea, now it's time to do a cumulative analysis of everything you've done and figure out the hottest names. successful products that are popular and trendy.

How to Pick the Perfect Instagram Name in 2023 (Without Using an Instagram Name Generator) (12)

copy ofthe names that sound really good to you - 10 to 30 names from industry leading accounts. Take this list and divide it into two parts:


The first part must contain names that contain a message. Simple and meaningful information on what this account is filled.


The second group consists of more abstract and fun, but still cool and informative names. And those ideas are most likely not listed under "Instagram Names" because they aren't obvious.

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Principal:Do not consider names that are just the official name of the company itself.

The next task is to take these two lists and find the most repeated words or sounds in these names. And you can also count the average number of letters in their names on Instagram to find the perfect number that is easy to remember and very easy to read. After that, you have a lot of inspiration from your competitors, you have the number of symbols you do best to use in your Instagram name, and you still have the best words or sounds that really connect to your topic or audience.


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