How do I view and delete my Netflix watch history? [2023] (2023)

Since its creation in 1997, Netflix has revolutionized the way we watch television. Originally a DVD-to-mail service, the company has grown into a global streaming platform with more than 150 million subscribers. With a wide variety of content, including original shows, movies, and documentaries, there's something for everyone on Netflix.

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There is a feature under the shell of Netflix calledNetflix Play History. Users can view a list of all the movies and TV shows they have watched on the streaming service. The feature offers users several benefits, including the ability to easily find and rewatch unfinished shows, keep track of what's been watched, and discover new titles based on your viewing history. The feature is a great way to keep track of your viewing activity and discover new titles you might like.
  • Part 1: How to view Netflix watch history?
  • Part 2: How to download Netflix viewing history?
  • Part 3: Track your Netflix viewing statistics
  • Bonus: How do I clear my Netflix viewing history?
  • Part 5: Top questions about Netflix watch history

1How do I view Netflix watch history?

While it's not necessary to log everything you've ever watched on Netflix, there are times when you want to check your TV history but worry about how to watch it on Netflix. Whether you're trying to remember the name of a movie you watched a while ago or want to make sure you stick to your New Year's resolution to watch more documentaries, your Netflix viewing history can be a helpful resource.

To view your Netflix watch history:

  1. Go to the Netflix account page.
  2. How do I view and delete my Netflix watch history? [2023] (3)

  3. Open the settings for Profile and parental controls. Open the display activity.
  4. How do I view and delete my Netflix watch history? [2023] (4)

  5. Here you can see the Netflix playback history. If you see a limited list, you can see the full history with the Show More button.

use :Remember that your viewing activity is only visible to you; It will not be shared with anyone, even if you view it with friends or family.

2How to download Netflix viewing history?

Netflix offers you several ways to view your history. You can see all the episodes you have watched on a specific show and how long you have watched each episode. You can also see a list of all the movies and TV shows you've added to your watch history and when you added them. If you want to hide an episode from your history, click the "x" next to the episode. If you're having problems with your recent episodes, you can report them by clicking the "?" along with this episode.

How do I view and delete my Netflix watch history? [2023] (5)

If you are a beginner wondering how to download Netflix, check out the history. Here is the complete step-by-step guide on how to view and download your Netflix viewing history.

  1. go that waynetflix.comand sign in to the account.
  2. Click on the profile to open the home page. Now click on the dropdown menu next to the profile icon and select Accounts.
  3. Once in the profile, click on the profile you want to view, just below Profile & Parental Controls. Now click View Activity.
  4. This will display the observation history with dates and titles. You can click View More to expand the audit history log. Now click the Download All button to download the playback history.
  5. The file will automatically download once it is ready. If the download does not start, click the Download Visualization button in the notification window.

Once the file is downloaded, it will be saved in CSV format. You can open the file with software like MS Excel etc. Google Docs provides another way to open the file. How to view playback history file in CSV format in Google Docs.

  1. Gonna create your account if you don't have one.
  2. In the Start New Document window, click Blank File. Now select the downloaded Netflix viewing history file and click Open.
  3. Now click on the Upload button. Drag the CSV file from your computer to Google Docs and click Open.
  4. The file will automatically open in Google Docs in an Excel spreadsheet.

3Keep an eye on your Netflix viewing stats

Netflix is ​​a Chrome extension that extracts and displays data from a Netflix account so you can analyze some patterns and get the information you need. The extension can also break down this data further, telling you how much time you spent watching different types of content (eg documentaries, comedy) and how much of your total viewing time was spent on movies or TV shows. This information can be very helpful in understanding your own Netflix habits and where you may want to make changes.

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Here's how to benefit from tracking Netflix viewing stats:

  • Netflix offers a wealth of data on how users view content. You can see the total time you have spent on Netflix, the number of titles you have watched, or whether you have watched movies or serial dramas, etc.
  • This data can be filtered, sorted and searched to find out more about your viewing habits, e.g. For example, the longest movies someone has seen, the number of times a movie has been watched, and more.
  • You can also download the entire viewing activity as a CSV file for personal data analysis.
  • You can compare your viewing stats with your friends and family by switching between Netflix profiles and have a fun time together.
  • The main benefit of tracking Netflix viewing statistics is that you can earn achievements for watching a specific number of titles or hours of content. If you've watched the 100 series, you might get the Serial Killer achievement; Viewing 5,000 titles will earn you the I Am Legend Achievement Award. There are contests to meet certain criteria, like Mission Impossible, etc., which can be fun.

While Netflix offers exciting movies and series and awards some performance awards to keep users entertained throughout the day, the downside is that kids are exposed to adult or violent videos so kids can misinterpret these movies, which It affects your mindset and it affects your behavior.

Nowadays, all the children of a couple have a cell phone, which represents a serious problem when they are exposed to inappropriate content. Fortunately, there is software that monitors the child's deviceAirDroid Parental Controlsis one of the leading software that offers parents various security and monitoring features so that they never have to worry about what their children see. The great feature is that parents can monitor their children's activity through their phone.

AirDroid Parental Control - Best All-In-One Parental Control App

Help parents monitor and manage their children's devices. You can easily track kids' location, check daily online activities, and schedule screen time and app usage.

Below is the complete procedure to set up the software on your child's phone.

Paso 1.Install AirDroid Parental Control on the source and target phones.

Paso 2.Create an account now and log in.

Paso 3.Then install AirDroid Kids on your child's phone and pair the target phone with yours using a pairing code. You can now monitor your child's Netflix app usage and view statistics.

4Bonus: How do I clear my Netflix viewing history?

There are many times when you want your Netflix viewing history to be deleted and you may be wondering how I deleted your Netflix viewing history. How to remove it:

How do I view and delete my Netflix watch history? [2023] (7)

  1. Open your Netflix account. Go to the dropdown menu in the upper right corner. Click Account.
  2. Go to the Profile & Parental Controls section. Next to View Activity, click View.
  3. Finally, click the cancel sign in the right hand corner of each history displayed. Your Netflix viewing history is now deleted.
  4. To clear all watch history at once, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Hide All. Now select Yes, hide all my viewing activity. All your watch history will be deleted within 24 hours.

final verdict

Whether users are tracking their Netflix viewing history or looking for a way to monitor their children's activities, knowing how to view, download, and delete their Netflix history is valuable. And you don't have to worry about which movie/series your child is watching. AirDroid parental control software can help you take care of your children's online activities.

5The most popular questions about Netflix watch history

1. How do I hide titles from viewing history?

How do I view and delete my Netflix watch history? [2023] (8)


Paso 1:Go to your Netflix account.

Paso 2:Home profile and parental controls.

Paso 3:Start to see the activity.

Stage 4:Click the hide icon next to the title or episode. When hiding an episode, users can click the option to hide the entire series.

2. How can I view the audit history of an inactive account?

How do I view and delete my Netflix watch history? [2023] (9)


You can send a request to Netflix and watch your most viewed shows in Netflix history or your favorite movies. That is how:

Paso 1:Gonna Make sure you're signed into your inactive Netflix account.

Paso 2:Click on the Submit Request option.

Paso 3:Netflix takes a month to approve the request to send the complete list by email.

3. What happens when you delete your Netflix history?

How do I view and delete my Netflix watch history? [2023] (10)


Open by clicking the "Delete" button; You delete your account history, including personalized recommendations. Changes will take effect within 24 hours.

4. How do I remove shows and movies from my Netflix history?

How do I view and delete my Netflix watch history? [2023] (11)


Paso 1:Login to your account. On the home page, click Account.

Paso 2:Click View activity. Now find the show or movie you want to delete.

Paso 3:Click the Delete button to the far right of the title.

Stage 4:When deleting shows, the user is asked if they want to delete the entire show or individual episodes.

5. How do I remove recently watched Netflix shows?

How do I view and delete my Netflix watch history? [2023] (12)


The procedure to delete all or recent shipments is the same. In the viewing activity, find the last broadcast by date and click the Cancel button to delete it.

6. How to find your recently watched titles on Netflix?

How do I view and delete my Netflix watch history? [2023] (13)


Go to your viewing activity in your Netflix account. Here you will see all the titles of shows or movies that you have recently watched.

7. Can I delete all my viewing activity at once?

How do I view and delete my Netflix watch history? [2023] (14)


Yes. Click Hide all my viewing activity at the bottom of the web page to clear all your viewing activity.

8. Is there a way to know when the content was viewed?

How do I view and delete my Netflix watch history? [2023] (15)


Yes. Netflix account viewing activity allows users to see exactly when they watched specific content.

9. If I delete my account, will my watch history be deleted?

How do I view and delete my Netflix watch history? [2023] (16)


Yes. All of your watch history will be deleted along with your personalized recommendations.

10. Can you clear the search history on Netflix?

How do I view and delete my Netflix watch history? [2023] (17)


Yes. Users can clear Netflix search history from View Activity in Profile and Parental & Controls.

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