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Kevin Gates is an incredibly talented musician, and his lyrics often deal with topics such as depression, poverty and time spent in prison. That's why these are some of the best Kevin Gates quotes to inspire us to succeed.

65 Kevin Gates quotes about life, deep betrayal and love (1)

October 2015, Image of multi-platinum artist Kevin Gates, founder of the Bread Winners' Association (BWA). Picture ofJimmy Fontaine© Wikimedia Commons. Editor's Note: Added background frame and cropped image.

65 quotes and sayings by Kevin Gates »

What is Kevin Gates best known for?

Kevin Gates is an American businessman, rapper, songwriter, and singer from Baton Rouge. Kevin Gates real nameKevin Jerome Gilyard.

He is known for his unique blend of hip hop and Southern rap music style and hard-hitting lyrics that often tell his personal stories, struggles and life experiences that have captivated and connected him with fans around the world.

Although Kevin Gates started writing and rapping at a young age, he started his professional music career at the age of 22 in 2007 when he signed with Dead Game Records. He then released several mixtapes.

Kevin Gates and his wife Dreka Gates star in the song "Power".

Kevin Gates Power-Song (Texto)


You have to see. You have that power over me, mine, mine. Everything I hold dear is in those eyes.

Kevin Gates' Rise to Fame

Kevin is a hardworking man. In February 2021 he released his 17th mixtape.

Notably, three of his mixtapes, "Stranger Than Fiction", "Luca Brasi 2", and "By Any Means", caught his attention and began to attract him to the attention of other successful rappers such as Lil Wayne, founder of Young Money Entertainment. .

☑ Kevin Gates became famous with his album "Islah".

▣ The album was well received and made him a star in the US rap scene since 2016.

Kevin Gates is also known to have been arrested multiple times throughout his career. While his wild and unpredictable behavior has gotten him into trouble at times, it has also made him one of hip-hop's most entertaining figures.

The key to Kevin Gates' success has always been carrying his soul and being vulnerable in his music, and that raw honesty has endeared him to so many people.

Kevin Gates I Don't Get Cansado Songtext-Zitat


Take it, fly it, I have six jobs, I don't get tired.

What was Kevin Gates' first big hit?

With over two million copies sold as of December 2014, "I Don't Get Tired" is Kevin Gates' first song to chart on the US Billboard Hot 100.

The song is a single from his 13th mixtape Luca Brasi 2. It was also Kevin's first song to go gold and has since disappeared.2 × platinum.

☑ Without a doubt, "I Don't Get Tired" is Kevin Gates' first big hit.

Maybe it's the catchy hook, the infectious beat, or just the fact that it's a great song, but it quickly caught on and became a viral sensation.

Lyrics quote by Kevin Gates


When asked, God said, "Live a little longer." Learn from each failure. If it never fails, just grind smarter.

What is Kevin Gates' best-selling album?

With over 324 million views on YouTube, most people know Kevin Gates from his hit "2 Phones". But did you know that he's also responsible for one of last year's best-selling albums?

As of August 2022, Kevin Gates' best-selling album is his debut studio album Islah. The album was released in 2016 and reached #2 on the Billboard 200 chart.

With an incredible two million morecopies for salein the United States, it has since been certified 2x platinum by the RIAA. In addition to 2 Phones, three other popular songs from the album are Really Really, Time for That and Kno One.

The album was his breakthrough, establishing him as a true star, catapulting him to levels of success, and providing the gateway to crown Kevin Gates the second highest rated rap artist in the country that year, following Drake.

Additionally, Gates has released two other albums, I'm Him and his most recent album, Khaza, both of which have been well received by fans and critics alike.

Letra de Kevin Gates para "I Got Two Phones".


There they are again, one of my little friends. They don't care what a nigga been All they wanna know is what I got to give.

What is Kevin Gates Net Worth?

Since 2019, Kevin Gatesnet worthis about 1 million dollars. Gates earned his fortune primarily as a rapper and singer. Furthermore, Kevin Gates tours a lot and earns money by selling concert tickets and merchandise.

He has released three studio albums and many mixtapes, including 2017's "By Any Means 2", which debuted at No. 17 on the Billboard 200 chart.

While most of his money comes from his hip-hop career, he has also garnered a huge following on YouTube, with his channel receiving over 7 billion views and over 7.75 millionsubscribers. So it must be making a lot of money for him.

Kevin Gates best quotes

What is Kevin Gate's most famous quote?

"It's easy to betray or hurt a loved one. You know all their strengths and weaknesses.

List of other famous Kevin Gates quotes.

  1. Life is about behavior and how we behave. But two wrongs never make a right.
  2. Whatever I have a natural love, respect or admiration for, I tattoo on my body.
  3. loyalty is hard to find; trust is easy to lose.
  4. Playing with love and life can bring some tough odds.
  5. True wealth does not come from the pocket, it comes from the heart and mind.
65 Kevin Gates quotes about life, deep betrayal and love (2)
  1. Every time the leaves change, it's the loneliest time of the year.
  2. I'm a criminal. I feel attracted all the time.
  3. Sometimes in relationships it's important to be different.
  4. I like being with my family. this is my party
  5. Why accept failure when success is free?
65 Kevin Gates quotes about life, deep betrayal and love (3)
Quote from Kevin Gates

It's easy to betray or hurt a loved one. They know all your strengths and weaknesses.

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41 » 45.quotes about respect

46 » 65.Other famous quotes

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Kevin Gates quotes about life

Having many friends and no enemies is easy if we don't have achievements.

Everyone loves us because they don't want what we have - and they feel good comparing themselves to us. That's the strange thing about life!

Staying low makes everyone happy.

But that's no reason to stay on the ground. Instead, we must strive and work hard to climb and reach the top, and more importantly, we must be ready for success.

☑ Success is a double-edged sword.

Success allows us to enjoy things we never thought possible.

Unfortunately, the more successful someone is, the more new enemies appear. The people who love us will begin to envy our success and we'll cross paths with others who want to take over what we've worked so hard for.

☑ It's part of the process of life.

Kevin Gates quote reminds us that if we improve, no matter what we do, we will meet more challenging challenges. Fortunately, if we've come this far, we must keep striving to achieve even greater things.

Kevin Gates quotes

As you level up, your life changes. You will encounter more difficult opponents and situations.


I believe that life is a journey and that I will tell you my plans; Things never go as planned.


Those who hate you the most are usually the people you know.


Some will say that life is a gamble, which means that love is a casino. Everyone just plays to win.


If you break your word... I won't say anything, but I think you win for life.


Kevin Gates quotes about friends

65 Kevin Gates quotes about life, deep betrayal and love (5)

We will encounter challenges and enemies on the way up, and we shouldn't shy away from a challenge because it might upset someone.

Challenges exist to help us improve.

If we decide to go up and live better, some people will start to hate us because we are no longer at rock bottom with them. Others will be upset because they have new competitors.

So we have to decide if we want to stay at the bottom and make everyone satisfied and happy, or if we want to join the game, play better than everyone else and take first place.

☑ Think like this, it will be a harsh reality:

If we want the crown, we must take it from the king. That sounds really mean, but we have to decide if our happiness is more important than that of our competitors.

When we're 100% in the game, it's impossible to keep everyone happy unless we choose to be unhappy. So that Kevin Gates quote is on point, right?

Kevin Gates quotes

You can't make everyone happy and still come out on top.


What I see, what I've been through, what a friend of mine might have been through, whatever — I rap about it.


I married my best friend who happens to be a girl.


Sometimes you have to let people bang their heads to realize they don't make sense. Don't try to understand them or it will drive you crazy.


If you associate yourself with peer pressure or complacency, you are doomed.


Kevin Gates quotes about time

65 Kevin Gates quotes about life, deep betrayal and love (6)

Not a single soul on this earth can turn back time.

No matter how many millions we have in the bank, we can't buy a second of time. Sad! Therefore, we must make every moment count or we will soon regret it when the time is up. So let's put things in perspective:

(Video) Kevin gates tik tok quotes

We have 24 hours every day, like everyone else. We use a few hours for sleep, so doing anything during those hours is out of the question.

☑ What do we do with the time left after the nap?

It better be something valuable.

The question we need to ask is: are we investing our time to improve? Do we study, work and network to improve our situation? Are we bringing our best game to every situation and problem we face?

☑ Time flies one way or the other.

So it's better to look back with a smile on your face than with regret in your heart.

If we are not careful, time can pass without us noticing, but if we step back andread a quotereminding ourselves of what matters most can help us refocus our attention and use our time more wisely.

Kevin Gates quotes

Wasting time is crucial because you can't get it back.


Anything lost can be found, except lost time. A vision without action is just a dream. Action, it's the routine, it's the rush, it's persistence.


I've had better mixtapes than the albums I've heard from other artists. I take my time; I put my heart into it.


Because the problem is within ourselves and we often don't look inward as individuals.


I've had good times and I've had bad times and I remember, maybe when I go to bed, but throughout the day, every moment I'm holding myself inside because it can put me in a state of depression.


Kevin Gates quotes about love

65 Kevin Gates quotes about life, deep betrayal and love (7)

God comes first and everyone else second, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't love everyone on this earth, including those who conspire against us. Loving others puts us in a good mood, and a positive attitude helps us achieve our goals.

☑ When we hate someone who tries to harm us, our heart becomes poisoned.

Even if that person does not succeed in his plans, he managed to hurt us in one of the worst ways, poisoning our hearts.

So, in a way, we can't hate because if we do, our enemies will win.

As we allow ourselves to love God and our families, friends and enemies, our hearts remain pure and we can focus our efforts on hurrying and hard work.

☑ When we focus on the good things, we feel good.

If we choose to waste our efforts hating someone else, we will never reach our goals. So this inspirational Kevin Gates quote reminds us to make the right and wise decision and show love to everyone.

Kevin Gates quotes

I love God, I love everyone around me as I love myself and I love my enemy.


A hot producer might not make a hot beat for me. I just love music.


I love making music, I love tattooing myself... That's exactly what I love. If I wasn't getting paid I would still do this.


Some might see this as a problem, I fall in love easily.


When watching the movie Belly, I identify more with Sincero. I'm a gangster. I love my lady to death.


You don't know how much you love something until you fail to do it. That's one thing I can say I've learned. I learned how much I love music.

65 Kevin Gates quotes about life, deep betrayal and love (8)

Kevin Gates quotes


Fall in love fast, make sure you handle it carefully.


I like where we are now - but I'm in love with where we're going.


Love is a battlefield, not a one night stand.


I'm in the game to survive so the people I love can be straight. I'm a highly intelligent person.


Having love for the enemy is hard stuff, real talk.

65 Kevin Gates quotes about life, deep betrayal and love (9)

Kevin Gates quotes


(Video) Kevin Gates - I'm In Love (Official Audio)

i love being clean i wear the same things, all my clothes look pretty much the same. I'm a normal, simple guy.


Parting with a loved one can be a lonely ordeal. The feelings you will experience will change you.


I would like to be accepted, but I'm not looking for acceptance.


Because I read the Koran, I read Kabbalah, I read the Bible. They all have the same three basic principles: love God, love your neighbor as yourself, and... as much as I do, I live by those principles.


Kevin Gates quotes about respect

65 Kevin Gates quotes about life, deep betrayal and love (10)

Respect moves the world.

Sometimes we don't like one or two things, but it's better to respect the effort it takes to make things happen.

Sure, we can waste our time complaining and hating something, but that won't help us achieve our goals.

We must show respect if we want others to do the same to us.

Certainly some people will not like some of our moves, but we will demand respect from them whether they like what we do or not.

☑ Why shouldn't we do the same?

There will be times in our lives when we are not mature enough to understand the moves someone else is making, but we need to respect someone else for making them.

In due time we will clarify and understand what happened.

The first step is to show respect. Read toothese quoteswith words of wisdom from famous personalities that help us learn from the experiences of others and gain motivation to pursue our own goals.

Kevin Gates quotes

You don't have to like it, but you have to respect it.


I respect any man who demands his respect.


Don't be mad at me for being the best I was made for.


I might as well slap my ass off doing promo because, no disrespect, no one has put me in the position I'm in.


Whatever a person does to himself, as long as it doesn't affect me and he treats him with respect, I don't care what he does. Because I'm not perfect and I have flaws, who am I to judge?


Other famous motivational quotes by Kevin Gates

65 Kevin Gates quotes about life, deep betrayal and love (11)

Having a family and taking care of it is one of the most precious things in this life, if not the most important. For a myriad of reasons, friends become enemies and strangers become enemies, but our family will always be with us.

Of course, building and maintaining a family takes time and work.

It won't happen overnight, especially if we're alone right now. But luckily, we can survive and finally have the family we always wanted.

Everyone's family experience is different, but for most people, family is the most precious thing in the world. It is our source, our support system and the only constant in our lives.

It takes effort - but having a family is always worth it.

Most people would agree that family is everything because it gives us a sense of belonging and connection to something bigger than ourselves.

Our family is always there for us no matter what and they are the ones who love us unconditionally. They help us grow into our best selves and make life worthwhile.

Kevin Gates quotes

I always wanted a family.


Money comes, money has to make a comeback. I'm not waiting for anyone, I'll get it.


I have trust issues with letting other people know my innermost secrets for fear of how I might be seen. Everyone has it.


Through my window.. I see everything I dream of and would like to have.


I don't pay attention to the sale because for me it's not about that. It's about the music. Music is all I have.


I don't sleep much. I don't sleep much - work, work, work.

65 Kevin Gates quotes about life, deep betrayal and love (12)

Kevin Gates quotes


I have a cult following because I exemplify what it means to be human.


Knowledge is provided, but only for those who need to know.

(Video) Kevin Gates - Walls Talking [Official Music Video]


Inspiration comes from many things, and in KG's life, his music is just one of them.


Any artist who takes music as seriously as I would would agree. But if you say to me, "Dude, send me a verse and I'll send you one." No. This is not a collaboration. We don't know each other and I'm serious about this song.


I really don't like to talk. I like to run. I'm not a talking person. I am a person of action.

65 Kevin Gates quotes about life, deep betrayal and love (13)

Kevin Gates quotes


When I hit the streets, I had to learn to read people early on. I'm a very analytical person.


The only frustrating thing about prison is that I can't make music.


I live by the ten percent rule. Save one, save a thousand.


My mindset, I guess. I used to handle things very differently than I do now.


Wise men change, fools remain the same.

65 Kevin Gates quotes about life, deep betrayal and love (14)

Kevin Gates quotes


I don't know what the rap game is like because I'm a fan of the reality and entertainment of the rap game.


The music was also like a diary. It was like my personal diary or personal diary.


I suffer from severe depression, so my only relief is music.


Music is the most therapeutic thing for me. Because I suffer from depression and letting it go is my only way.

Famous Kevin Gates quotes and song lyrics sayings about music and life
65 Kevin Gates quotes about life, deep betrayal and love (15)

We all have flaws. It makes us human.

Let's face it: many of our mistakes are just plain embarrassing. For example, if we are overweight, have acne or speak badly in public, we often feel embarrassed.

☑ Our imperfections do not define us.

Our first instinct is to hide them, but that's not always the best approach. Sometimes it can be empowering to admit our imperfections. It can help us connect with others and create a sense of community.

☑ Working on ourselves requires us to accept what is wrong with us.

This way we can make mental notes on what we should improve.

Still, hiding our flaws from the world means hiding a part of us from everyone else. It takes effort - and that's the effort we must make to improve our weaknesses and strengths.

At the same time, there are certain shortcomings that we cannot change. Therefore, to overcome this obstacle, we must first accept ourselves as we are and then show ourselves to the world so that everyone can do the same.

Why is Kevin Gates inspiring?

Kevin Gates is famous for his personal story and working to overcome his mistakes, although he spent several years in prison before earning a master's degree in psychology and becoming one of the most successful rappers in the world.

Her story is an inspiration to many who have faced similar challenges in their own lives. I hope they are famousKevin Gates quotesit will help us accept our flaws and work on our strengths to be more successful in life.

Quote from Kevin Gates

I put my mistakes on Front Street. So the world accepted my faults, so I have no faults.

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