30 Fascinating Movies And Shows Portraying The British Royal Family (2023)

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30 Fascinating Movies And Shows Portraying The British Royal Family (1)

Now that you've finished all four seasons ofThe Crownsand I've seen enoughreal documentariesTo feel like a legitimate expert on the British monarchy, you're probably itching to get your next royal fix. And thankfully, streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime offer plenty of options to appeal to any royal enthusiast. Whether you like hysterical satireslos windsoror feel-good romances likeHarry and Meghan: a royal romanceCheck out our full list of royal family movies and shows featuring fictionalized portrayals of famous royals.

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who is in thereNico Evers-Swindell, Camilla Luddington, Samantha Whittaker, Jonathan Patrick Moore

Why is?Prince William and Kate Middleton's fairytale romance faces a number of challenges as they cope with family pressures and constant media scrutiny. While critics didn't like this retelling very much, it turned out to be a huge ratings hit for Lifetime.

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who is in thereAlice St. Clair, Dan Amboyer, Jane Alexander, Victor Garber

Why is?The Hallmark film offers a number of impressive scenes but also does a great job of humanizing the royals. This romantic film takes a deeper look into the history of William and Kate's relationship, capturing pivotal moments such as their breakup, reunion and televised wedding.

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who is in thereSaoirse Ronan, Margot Robbie, Jack Lowden, Joe Alwyn

Why is?It's a refreshingly feminist retelling of the infamous rivalry between the young Queen Elizabeth I and her cousin Mary Stuart. After refusing to give in to the pressure of marriage, Mary goes to Scotland to secure the throne. However, he is shocked to learn that his country and England are under Elizabeth's rule.

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who is in thereHelen Mirren, Michael Sheen, James Cromwell, Helen McCrory, Alex Jennings

Why is?This film follows the aftermath of Princess Diana's untimely death in 1997, but through Her Majesty's eyes. When the royal family decides not to treat her death as an official royal death, the queen has to deal with a huge backlash from the media and public.

Far and Netflix

who is in thereAli Fazal, Judi Dench, Eddie Izzard, Adeel Akhtar, Paul Higgins

Why is?Based on the book of the same name by Shrabani Basu,Victoria and Abdelfocuses on the unlikely bond that has developed between Queen Victoria (Dench) and her Muslim servant Abdul Karim (Fazal).

Far and Hulu

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who is in thereOlivia Poulet, Laurence Fox, Michelle Duncan, Alexandra Moen u

Why is?Everyone is familiar with Prince Charles' controversial relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles, but few know how it all began. In this dramatized version of events, we see how the two lovebirds met and fell in love before the prince married Diana.

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who is in thereJudi Dench, Billy Connolly, Geoffrey Palmer, Antony Sher, Gerard Butler

Why is?After the death of her husband, Queen Victoria (Dench) falls into a depression and isolates herself from the public. But when the court appoints her husband's manservant, John Brown (Connolly), to assist her, they grow closer and spark much rumor about the nature of their new relationship. (FYI, Dench's performance earned her a Golden Globe for Best Lead Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama.)

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who is in thereCate Blanchett, Geoffrey Rush, Christopher Eccleston, Joseph Fiennes, John Gielgud,

Why is?When Mary I dies, her rightful heiress and half-sister, whom she had imprisoned for conspiracy, is released and crowned as the new Queen of England. The only problem? People don't seem particularly thrilled that she's taking Mary's place...

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who is in thereEmily Blunt, Rupert Friend, Paul Bettany, Miranda Richardson, Harriet Walter, Mark Strong

Why is?Before she was the girl on the train, Blunt was young Victoria, an 18-year-old heiress facing a challenging first year as queen (and falling in love in the process).

Far and Hulu

who is in thereColin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter, Guy Pearce

Why is?King George VI hires a speech therapist to help him with his stutter before broadcasting his first wartime radio show in 1939, shortly after Britain declared war on Nazi Germany.The king's speechit ended with a whopping 12 Oscar nominations, winning for Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Director (Tom Hooper) and Best Actor (Firth).

Far and Netflix

who is in thereNigel Hawthorne, Helen Mirren, Ian Holm, Amanda Donohoe

Why is?The biographical drama is set during the Regency Crisis of 1788-89 and follows King George III. (Hawthorne), who experiences a total nervous breakdown after the loss of the American colonies. In the meantime, the king is keen to maintain a healthy relationship with his eldest son, George, Prince of Wales.

Far and Hulu

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who is in thereSarah Gadon, Bel Powley, Jack Reynor, Rupert Everett

Why is?Another side of Her Majesty is revealed in this bubbly romantic comedy, in which a teenage Princess Elizabeth (Gadon) and her little sister Princess Margaret (Powley) share a fun evening in celebration of V.E. Day (a celebration that marked the end of World War II in 1945).

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who is in thereOlivia Colman, Rachel Weisz, Emma Stone

Why is?Weisz and Stone play Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough and Abigail Masham, two cousins ​​who vie for the attention of Queen Anne (Colman) as her health fails.

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who is in thereAbbie Cornish, James D'Arcy, Andrea Riseborough, Oscar Isaac

Why is?In Madonna's directorial debut, lonely housewife Wally Winthrop (Cornish) finds solace in the legendary love story of King Edward VIII (D'Arcy) and Wallis Simpson (Riseborough). But as he examines the couple, he discovers that their relationship wasn't as perfect as he always imagined.

Far and Netflix

who is in thereParisa Fitz-Henley, Steve Coulter, Burgess Abernethy, Laura Mitchell

Why is?The Lifetime Romance traces the beginning of Prince Harry (Coulter) and Meghan Markle's (Fitz-Henley) relationship, from when they first met to the reactions of their family and friends. Hopeless romantics will appreciate the strong chemistry between the leads.

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who is in thereCharlie's Field, Tiffanyschmied

Why is?Established immediately after the eventsand real romance, this sequel (starring different actors) chronicles the royal couple's wedding and their first year of marriage. While the film addresses media abuse, it also maintains a rather positive and uplifting tone.

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who is in thereKeira Knightley, Ralph Fiennes, Charlotte Rampling, Dominic Cooper

Why is?From Knightley's stellar performance to lavish fashion, this Oscar-winning romance is worth two hours of your time. It is based on Amanda Foreman's biography of English socialite Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire, who is forced to deal with a broken marriage and her husband's mistress.

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who is in thereNatalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Eric Bana, Kristin Scott Thomas

(Video) Mary, Queen of Scots: Facial Reconstructions from Death Mask & History Documentary | Royalty Now

Why is?Anne Boleyn (Portman) and her sister Maria (Johansson) compete for the love of handsome King Henry VIII (Bana) in this captivating tale of love and betrayal.

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who is in thereNaomi Watts, Naveen Andrews, Cas Anvar, Laurence Belcher

Why is?Based on the book by Kate Snell,Diana: his last love, the film examines the last two years of the late King's life, beginning with Diana's (Watts) divorce from Prince Charles. Stay tuned for all the epic recreations of Diana's best looks.

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who is in thereClaire Foy, Matt Smith, Vanessa Kirby, Eileen Atkins, Emma Corrin

Why is? The Crownsfollows the life of Queen Elizabeth II and her family in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. The series explores the inner workings of the famous monarchy, highlighting events such as the resignation of Winston Churchill and Princess Diana's troubled marriage.

Far and Netflix

who is in thereJonathan Rhys Meyers, Henry Cavill, Sam Neill, Callum Blue, Maria Doyle Kennedy

Why is?This fast-paced period drama follows the 16th-century reign of King Henry VIII (Meyers) and sheds light on his troubled marriage to Catherine of Aragon (Kennedy) and his relentless pursuit of multiple wives.

Far and Hulu

who is in thereJenna Coleman, Tom Hughes, Peter Bowles, Catherine Flemming

Why is?Coleman plays 18-year-old Queen Victoria in this historical drama that chronicles her struggles with royal duties, motherhood and life as a wife.

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who is in thereGary Janetti, Orlando Bloom, Condola Rashad, Lucy Punch, Sophie Turner, Alan Cumming

Why is?It's like the real version offamily man, complete with sharp humor and pop culture references. The comedy features satirical portrayals of the British royal family, in which a brazen Prince George causes quite a bit of chaos while navigating royal life. Trust us when we tell you that you won't be able to keep a straight face.

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who is in thereHarry Enfield, Haydn Gwynne, Hugh Skinner, Louise Ford, Richard Goulding

Why is?Similar aPrinz, this soap opera-style parody dramatizes the day-to-day life of the royal family and doesn't mince words. Get ready for all the laughs and the most ridiculous plot twists.

(Video) A Service of Celebration for Commonwealth Day | 2023 - BBC

Far and Netflix

who is in thereRebecca Ferguson, Amanda Hale, Faye Marsay

Why is?Set during the War of the Roses, this gripping drama follows Elizabeth Woodville (Ferguson), Margaret Beaufort (Hale) and Anne Neville (Marsay), three determined women who manipulate and conspire to gain more power in England.

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who is in thereJodie Comer, Rebecca Benson, Jacob Collins-Levy, Kenneth Cranham

Why is?In this sequel tooThe White QueenHenry VII marries Elizabeth of York, ending the War of the Roses. However, this temporary solution does nothing to ease tensions between these families, which could eventually tear their kingdom apart.

View of Starz

who is in thereAdelaide Kane, Megan Follows, Torrance Coombs, Rachel Skarsten

Why is?that is essentiallyGossip GirlThe royal twin of which features plenty of drama and steamy intimate scenes with a soap opera vibe. The series follows Mary, Queen of Scots (Kane) as she rises to power at the French court. Skarsten has been particularly compelling as Elizabeth I in the last two seasons.

Far and Netflix

who is in thereBen Whishaw, Jeremy Irons, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch

Why is?Inspired by the famous works of William Shakespeare, the historical drama follows the lives of Kings Richard II, Henry IV and Henry V in the 14th and 15th centuries. Aside from its impressive cinematography, the series deals with violence, betrayal, politics and power struggles in a compelling way.

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who is in thereRufus Sewell, Helen McCrory, Martin Turner, Ian McDiarmid

Why is?The British miniseries chronicles the life of Charles II, including his many years in exile, his return to the throne in England and his many adventures. (PS,Harry Potterfans will recognize some familiar faces).

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who is in thereCynthia Nixon, Miranda Richardson, Ben Chaplin, Peter Firth, Charlotte Riley

Why is?Based on the novel of the same name by Ken Follett, the drama series King Edward III follows. (Ritson), who leads his people in 14th-century England in the Hundred Years' War against France.

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