100+ Ready-to-Use Instagram Username Ideas for 2023 [Guide] | state beer (2023)

The perfect Instagram username is the right mix of creativity and simplicity.

One of the crucial branding components of your Instagram profile is your Instagram username.

There are so many business pages and personal Instagram accounts that have already found their perfect Instagram usernames. If you want to stand out from the crowd, win the Instagram marketing game, and make it big, you must first choose a successful Instagram username.

Don't know where to start? In this article, we have compiled the best Instagram username tips and ideas so that you can choose the best one for your Instagram profile.

  • What are Instagram usernames?
  • Instagram username ideas
    • Cute ideas for Instagram usernames
    • Good ideas for Instagram usernames
    • fun instagram username ideas
    • Cool usernames for Instagram
    • Instagram usernames for girls
    • Instagram usernames for boys
    • Instagram usernames for dogs
    • Instagram usernames for photographers
    • Instagram baddie usernames
    • Wild Instagram usernames
    • Aesthetic Instagram usernames
  • How to choose the perfect Instagram username?
  • What if your Instagram username is already taken?
  • What not to do when choosing Instagram usernames
  • Instagram username not available
  • How to change Instagram username?
  • Use analytics to measure the impact of Instagram usernames and their content
  • Instagram Username FAQ

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What are Instagram usernames?

Instagram username is a name you use on Instagram to define your profile address.

Instagram username character limit

The character limit for an Instagram username is30 characters,and you cannot exceed the character limit.

Instagram handle vs Instagram username vs Instagram link

An Instagram handle is just your Instagram username.

Instagram handles are also known as an Instagram link that appears at the end of your profile page address:


Therefore we can write

Instagram handle = Instagram username = Instagram link

An example of an Instagram handle is @statusbrew.

So next time someone asks for your Instagram handle, just send them your Instagram link or give them your Instagram username.

Everyone works.

100+ Ready-to-Use Instagram Username Ideas for 2023 [Guide] | state beer (1)

Instagram Username vs Instagram Display Name

Your Instagram username and your display name are two different things. So don't confuse the two!

Your Instagram display name appears below your profile icon on mobile and just below your Instagram username on desktop. It doesn't have to be unique and you can even add emojis or special characters to spice it up.

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Instagram usernames, on the other hand, appear at the top of your Instagram profile. This is your unique identifier. Special characters are not allowed here. You can only use letters, periods, numbers or underscores.

Instagram Username Rules

When choosing your username, keep these basic Instagram username rules in mind.

  • Instagram usernames arecase insensitive,i.e. @STATUSBREW & @statusbrew point to the same location.
  • TentAvoid multiple underscores and consecutive numbers(unless they are part of your brand).
  • So always choose an Instagram usernameavailable on all desired social platforms,and use the same case and spacing on all platforms.
  • Brief and easy reminderare most important when choosing Instagram usernames. While coffee brand Starbucks would love to use @YourNumber1CoffeePlace, @starbucks is definitely easier to tag.

Instagram username ideas

When signing up for an Instagram account, are you stuck picking the perfect username? Or do you want to change your current Instagram username to another but have no idea for an Instagram username at the moment?

Here you will find more than 100Instagram username ideasfor each category:

Cute ideas for Instagram usernames

Everyone loves cuteness. Finding a name that matches the cuteness of your Instagram content is very important. So we've put together a collection of cute Instagram usernames. choose your own

  • @truthlife
  • @sleepytinker
  • @hippysunshine
  • @syncrophi
  • @bugheadlover
  • @Butter cream
  • @the way you are
  • @Queen
  • @missielucky
  • @Engel
  • @banned
  • @fairyfresh
  • @freshlime
  • @pink prank
  • @tulipwind

Good ideas for Instagram usernames

We're always drawn to a good name in the real world, and the same goes for Instagram usernames. So here are some suggestions for good Instagram username ideas that can catch people's attention and generate more engagement as well.

  • @born2pizza
  • @newsdeal
  • @whitestorm
  • @mouthofmexico
  • @honeystarssunshine
  • @cute sugar
  • @twin butterfly
  • @Littlegorilla
  • @pokie
  • @cutepixel
  • @stilldancer
  • @Compactracer
  • @captionmaster
  • @Magenta
  • @Fog

fun instagram username ideas

Some humorous and funny usernames also get a lot of attention on Instagram. Here's our handpicked collection of fun Instagram username ideas to help you grab more attention. Choose yours from the list to make your profile more fun and humorous.

  • @Punchwhite
  • @beautifulbanana
  • @little pony
  • @magic cake
  • @sandsay
  • @angrycupcake
  • @awkwardcookie
  • @lipstickforever
  • @queenkong
  • @lucky mouse
  • @herzhacker
  • @prettypotato
  • @ Hells Knight
  • @makeupqueen
  • @cyberkrieger

Cool usernames for Instagram

In a social media world where everyone wants to look cool, it's time to make your social media accounts even cooler. Here is a collection of cool usernames for Instagram that you can use for your Instagram account to attract your audience with an updated Instagram profile.

  • @angelhearts
  • @cyberworrior
  • @beautytech
  • @Gunhawk
  • @babynative
  • @Peppermint
  • @crazy
  • @whitehoney
  • @planetzoom
  • @redcream
  • @badcaptain
  • @riggerscoter
  • @gamertales
  • @mindrose
  • @facer_racer

Instagram usernames for girls

  • @crazy girl
  • @twilightqueenbee
  • @licution
  • @tragic girl
  • @hotcupids
  • @princessfuzzie
  • @girlregnala
  • @angelsnowflakes
  • @butterscotcheven
  • @goldgrace
  • @hot babe
  • @cutiebun
  • @rainbowsweety
  • @dazzledsweetie
  • @cupcakehugs

Instagram usernames for boys

  • @beanneverseen
  • @billyhills
  • @mistymoles
  • @texastiger
  • @surfscooter
  • @farracer
  • @snakesuper
  • @loserbad
  • @bigben
  • @racerparty
  • @LondonLions
  • @alienbrain
  • @liferacer
  • @gamersimmer
  • @listmist

Instagram usernames for dogs

  • @kittenlady
  • @luvbentley
  • @gizmosadventures
  • @Zoey
  • @milomeetsworld
  • @Goldleben
  • @thechihuahuas
  • @allpaws
  • @poochventures
  • @thefavoritechase
  • @chasethetail
  • @brücker
  • @thecaninecollective
  • @Great dog
  • @waggingtail

Instagram usernames for photographers

  • @shutterup
  • @lensationsstudio
  • @picturesque
  • @theartsylens
  • @pinupfotografie
  • @mycityscapesnaps
  • @glamourshots
  • @shutterbug
  • @happylens
  • @Bolsa da Kamera
  • @photographic aliens
  • @fotografienub
  • @magicphotography
  • @snapshotsoflife
  • @fotosafari

Instagram baddie usernames

  • @goldgrace
  • @goldtube
  • @orangesplash
  • @Elegantpoint
  • @incidentincomer
  • @Metalhead
  • @thetechguy
  • @icegeek
  • @mindlesscat
  • @couchking
  • @soultaker
  • @kitzelstar
  • @peacedude
  • @super
  • @bornconfused

Wild Instagram usernames

  • @littletexas
  • @uauwie
  • @beautiful devil
  • @Dramagramm
  • @brainyclicks
  • @extralaut
  • @importedsense
  • @bountybanana
  • @escorregargold
  • @capitalpunch
  • @clevercalifornia
  • @silentjazz
  • @Hello Goodbye
  • @wishfish
  • @bestinbad

Aesthetic Instagram usernames

  • @caramelopcorn
  • @butterpopcorn
  • @ French fries with cheese
  • @nutellaerdbeere
  • @Praline
  • @waffle biscuit
  • @coelhinho lustig
  • @Kirschcreme
  • @maccheese
  • @Pfefferkalt
  • @chunkypeanut
  • @peanutjam
  • @marshmallowhotchocolate
  • @criticcrash
  • @himmelwatt
  • @apenguinhope
  • @freezingslip

How to choose the perfect Instagram username?

Choosing the perfect Instagram username is a challenge. Some people just don't care about their Instagram usernames; others get very creative with it.

You need to find the right mix of creativity and simplicity to come up with a perfect Instagram username. Here are some tips to use when choosing.

Pick the one that fits your niche

Do you want to create your username for Instagramrecognizable and assignablejust look at him. Also, try to keep it professional and choose words that are meaningful and easy to understand.

Don't use random words as they look unprofessional and can ruin the image of your followers. Also, using meaningless-sounding words in Instagram usernames shows that they really don't care about your Instagram page.

On the other hand, if you choose words that have meaning and are related to your brand niche, your target audience will be encouraged to follow you just by reading your Instagram username.

See how Tropicana, an American multinational fruit beverage brand, used the word "juices" on their Instagram profile.

100+ Ready-to-Use Instagram Username Ideas for 2023 [Guide] | state beer (2)

Image source:Tropicana Instagram

Avoid using extra characters

Avoid using too many extra characters in your Instagram username or anything. Try to keep Instagram usernames as simple as possible. Avoid using periods, underscores, or numbers unless necessary.

The perfect Instagram username is onesingle word without special characters.

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Unfortunately, since there are over a billion accounts on Instagram, most of them are already in use. However, that doesn't mean you can't pick a good Instagram username for your brand.

If you have no choice but to add special characters like an underscore or period, try to keep them to a minimum. Try to think outside the box when you think of an Instagram handle. But don't be too creative. Otherwise you look weird.

Optimize for Instagram SEO

To make your Instagram profile easily searchable for your audience, make sure your Instagram username is well optimized according to SEO rules. Here are some basic steps to follow:

Step 1:take yoursmain keywordis present in your Instagram username. This will show your Instagram account in suggested account search results when someone searches for content in your niche. For example, if you sell cupcakes, you could include the word "bakery" in your Instagram username.

Step 2:The best Instagram usernames areclear, short and easy to read.Avoid very complicated words. Your audience needs to understand what that means.

For example, @freshbakery is a much better Instagram username than @delectablecakes. When it comes to cakes, people tend to look for the word “fresh” rather than “delicious”.

Level 3:Avoid irrelevant special characters like hashtags or emojis, or irrelevant numbers in Instagram usernames. For example @cool$$xoxogirl could be trendy. But these Instagram usernames have the lowest chance of showing up in search results, and they also look like spam.

Step 4:Instagram usernames must be written in your audience's language within the character limit.

Combine with your usernames on other social networks

Before setting a specific Instagram username, make sure it is the same as your other social accounts.

Why should you follow a consistent username across all social platforms?

  • Once people discover you on one platform, they can easily find you on other social networks as well.
  • Your followers can easily share your content across all social media platforms by tagging you with a single username.
  • A consistent username looks professional and authentic.

Adjust the personality and mood of your content

When choosing the Instagram username for your profile, you should be largely open to brainstorming. release yourscreativity and having funcome up with new ideas. Make sure your Instagram username contains at least one word related to the content you are posting.

For example, see how the Instagram account dedicated to indoor plant inspiration chose “plantsindecor” as their username.

100+ Ready-to-Use Instagram Username Ideas for 2023 [Guide] | state beer (3)

Image source:PlantsInDecor Instagram

Save your usernameto tell a story.For example, @confortingtales might be a good Instagram username for a profile that publishes short stories and poetry. It is well presented with the words "Heartwarming" and "Tales" describing the mood you can feel and get from this profile.

make it unforgettable

It doesn't matter if you post cute animal pictures or travel content. There will be thousands of similar accounts in the same niche.

So, besides the content you post, what can make your Instagram account stand out? It's a fun and easy to remember username.

For example, one beauty and cosmetics page has an Instagram username @narsissist, which is unique and evokes the page's "self-admiration" tone.

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100+ Ready-to-Use Instagram Username Ideas for 2023 [Guide] | state beer (4)

Image source:NARS Cosmetics Instagram

What if your Instagram username is already taken?

In this case you can do the following:

add aslight variationto your Instagram username, e.g. B. Underscore or period, or an additional keyword relevant to your niche.

For example, if Reach Fitness is a popular fitness brand and their Instagram username @reachfitness is already in use, they can add the word “gym” to their Instagram username for availability.

What not to do when choosing Instagram usernames

We've covered what to do when choosing the perfect Instagram usernames. We'll quickly see what not to do.

don't write wrong

Be extremely careful withTyping error.This will definitely ruin your brand's first impression on your followers. However, some people misspell things on purpose. This is usually because the desired Instagram usernames are already taken.

For example, some people might choose @theartofdaancing because @theartofdancing is already in use. But this will confuse people and make it difficult for them to find you.

Don't use tons of numbers

It is not recommended to use numbers unless it is part of your branding. If you must use numbers, don't use a long list of them.

For example, @BeautySong1281294 looks like an IG robot username, not just @BeautySong. This is because a long; List of numbers creates chaos and confusion. Of course, people will have trouble remembering all those numbers!

Avoid too many underscores

Underscores look really good in Instagram usernames, especially in place of spaces. For example @qll_art and @me_and_orla use underlining very well. It's pretty obvious that they decided to use underscores instead of resorting to Instagram usernames without them since the IG username they wanted was already taken.

However, Instagram usernames like @our_adventure_is_never_over just don't look good with all those underscores. Also, it's obvious they went for it because @ouradventureisneverover was already busy.

Instagram username not available

If the Instagram username you want isn't available, you can add periods, numbers, underscores, or abbreviations to create a similar username that isn't already in use. Use an Instagram username generator or choose from the Instagram username ideas we've gathered for you later in this article.

Instagram username generator

Instagram username generator allows you to create lists of usernames consisting of words selected from category lists. Here is a list of the best Instagram username generators:

How to change Instagram username?

Here are the exact steps to change username on Instagram:

Step 1:Open your Instagram app. Go to yoursprofile page.
Step 2:tap on"Edit profile"Possibility.
Level 3:NO"username"In the section, enter username to change your original Instagram username.
stage :Beat"Completed"On iOS, click the tick on Android or click Submit on your mobile and desktop browsers.

If your account is reaching a lot of people, you may need to change your Instagram usernameverified by Instagram.In this case, you will be notified when Instagram has completed the analysis. Otherwise, your Instagram username will be changed immediately if it is unique and your followers can be notified of your username change.

What happens after you change your Instagram username?

After changing your Instagram username, now is the old onelead to a blank page.Any previous mentions of your old Instagram username in captions will no longer be associated with your account; As a result, some followers may be lost. These people may assume that your Instagram business profile no longer exists, causing you to lose potential customers.

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100+ Ready-to-Use Instagram Username Ideas for 2023 [Guide] | state beer (5)

Image source:Instagram by Nike

For this reason it is essentialupdate followersChange your Instagram username on other platforms. Social media might not be the only place this old grip resides. Be sure to consider flyers, business cards, or other promotional materials, as well as places where your Instagram username is printed.

Changing your Instagram username can also hurtAffect your follower count.While it's better to change your Instagram username for branding, users may not recognize it at first. Followers may think they followed the wrong account and may unfollow you. To avoid this, make sure to update users in posts after Instagram username change.

Create your own post promoting your new Instagram username and link it to your other accounts!

Can you reuse your previous Instagram username?

Well the answer ispossibly.

Some previously used Instagram usernames will never be made available again. So keep the name if you want and don't proceed with the name change if you can't lose it.

When you decide to move forward, work on the things you can control—not the things you can't.

100+ Ready-to-Use Instagram Username Ideas for 2023 [Guide] | state beer (6)

Image source:Adobe PhotoshopInstagram

Use analytics to measure the impact of your Instagram username and content

How do you know if you're using Instagram correctly? How do you know if your perfect Instagram username and page content is working or if you're hitting your goals?

Because of this, you should analyze your Instagram analytics to understand how your posts and overall account are performing.

Instagram offers built-in analytics, but the main downside to this native analytics tool is that the metrics you can measure are very limited.

However,Statusbrew Reporting LabThe feature helps you dig deeper into the data with over 180 comprehensive industry metrics.

You can track all the key metrics you need to optimize your Instagram strategy, Instagram campaign performance and analyze your post performance. You can also create and export customizable reports to share with your team.

Sounds interesting? Schedule a free demo today👇

Try Statusbrew

Statusbrew is a complete social media management tool that supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and even Google My Business.


Instagram Username FAQ

How to get an inactive username on Instagram?

There is no way to recover deleted Instagram account. You can create a new account with the same email address, but you may not get the same Instagram username.

How to get a used Instagram username?

You can claim a username for Instagram by asking the current owner to change the username or by reporting them to Instagram if the account is inactive.

How often can you change your Instagram username?

You can change your Instagram username anytime and as many times as you like. However, if you change your Instagram username too often, Instagram may get flagged for a bot account, which will result in your account being banned.


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